SageSport™ 160


The SageSport 160 is the next evolution in the design of sport boats. The SageSport 160 is a stable lightweight composite watercraft that can be efficiently paddled, rowed, stand-up paddled and motored with up to a 6HP short shaft outboard motor.




The SageSport 160 is the next evolution of Robb White’s unique Sport Boat design.  With modern materials and build techniques, Robb’s hull design makes one of the most versatile small boats on the market today. The SageSport 160 is a stable lightweight composite watercraft that can be efficiently paddled, rowed, stand-up paddled and motored with up to a 6 HP short shaft outboard motor.

Molded with a state-of-the-art resin infusion process, the SageSport 160 utilizes a fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar composite for a very lightweight and robust boat. This strategic layup schedule allows us to virtually eliminates oil canning and flex in the hull form, allowing for a faster and stiffer boat that is still very light.  Each SageSport 160 has positive floatation for safety, two fixed structural seats, maintenance-free high-density plastic motor pads, and a bow eye ready for trailering.  Future options may include a portaging yoke, a center seat with oarlocks, drop-in sliding seat rowing, cooler mount, or a fishing insert.

The SageSport 160 will easily plane using the rated 6 HP short shaft outboard motor and can cruise at 16 knots with two adults. Like its wooden predecessor, the SageSport 160 has a narrow entry, hollow deadrise, and a large flat stern with ample tumblehome. This adds up to a roomy boat with a dry forgiving ride that is stable enough to be used as a stand-up fishing platform.  With ample carrying capacity, the SageSport 160 is ready for almost anything.  It is ideal for extended adventures, solo expeditions, and day trips with the family and it can easily meet the cargo-hauling needs of backcountry sportsmen. The SageSport 160 is the versatile lightweight small boat to handle whatever you need!

Robb White was a prolific boat builder around southern Georgia and the gulf coast of Florida from the 1950s until his death in 2006.  He was a designer, builder, fisherman, writer, natural biologist, and all-around waterman.  His books Flotsam and Jetsam and How to Build a Tin Canoe: Confessions of an Old Salt tell of adventures from a wild and storied childhood messing about in boats that continued for the rest of his life. More can be found about Robb and his Sport Boat design at

Base Price: $3,700.00

Standard Features

  • Front and rear fixed seats
  • Adjustable YakAttack® rail system for center mesh seat and accessories
  • Bow storage
  • Oarlock sockets

Hull Color Options

  • Red
  • Light Blue
  • White

Available Options

  • Honda 5HP outboard motor – $1,700.00
  • Hull ID application – $75.00
  • Custom trailer – Fully galvanized and equipped with guide bunks, trailer jack, spare tire, and mount. – $1,400.00

Your SageSport 160 can be picked up at Sage Marine in Golden, CO or we’re happy to arrange shipment (please request a quote for freight).  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and preferences and we’ll be happy to provide you with a detailed cost quote for your SageSport 160.

Additional information

Overall Length




Boat Weight (Approximate)

125 lbs

Trailer Weight

270 lbs

Engine Capacity

6 HP Short Shaft Outboard Motor


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