Another maintenance question.

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Another maintenance question.

#1 Post by noel » Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:09 pm

Needed to replace the section of line that runs from the daggerboard/drop keel snap shackle to the block set up. My township road is a gravel/dirt mile of rumble strip. 26 round trips last season resulted in the covering of the line where it turns 90°at cabin roof to wear. I do remember to drop the keel down to rest on the bunk, but chaff still happened with a loose line. This year storing Vela on the trailer at the marina. But the storage area to ramp has a few small bumps transitioning from grass to gravel to pavement. Couple days ago I saw the white core. Replacement time.

The question: If and when I need to replace the line running through the block and tackle system, how many feet of line do I need? Looks to be 1/4 or 3/8”?

At least on Vela’s set up cutting off the worn section and reusing the remaining length of line did not work. Ended up being too short to allow dropping the keel all the way down. I’m not the brightest bulb in the room. I had a spare chunk of line that was maybe a 1-2ft longer than the original. Replaced the now too short original with it. Test lift. Bummer. Now the line was too long to lift the keel. Hint to all. Measure the length of your factory installed line. Or spend an hour of error and trial doing something that should take maybe 15 minutes.

Protecting the line from UV. Not that we have an extreme UV issue at this latitude. But every hour of exposure adds up. I pull the line into the cabin and bungee ball chord the now coiled line to the block and tackle line. Leaves only the last ~6” of line sitting outside while trailered or sailing. One less line to clutter the cockpit. A reminder to me that I have dropped the keel onto the trailer bunk when on land. Leaves the winch free for whatever use.

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Re: Another maintenance question.

#2 Post by Jerry » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:17 am

Greg at Sage should have that info in his head- If he doesn't pick this up, call him! I don't understand how it chafed, tho.

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Re: Another maintenance question.

#3 Post by kingco » Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:45 am

The chafe seems a bit strange to me too Noel. I have the same boat and have trailered it over 3000 miles since I picked it up. Some of these were longer trips (600 ish miles to the San Juans and back home) but many have been the 75 mile round trip to my local launching ramp on the Columbia river and back. My line for lifting the keel with the snap shackles (Not the blocks) has almost no perceptible wear on it. I also cover a lot of bumpy roads on the surrounding farms on my way out to the river. And I90 going over the cascade mountains is almost like a goat path at times with all the pot holes and road construction. I also always make sure to release the keel to rest on the bunk once it is on the trailer so we seem to have pretty similar usage. I'm not sure what is causing the chafe but that doesn't seem normal at all.

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Re: Another maintenance question.

#4 Post by noel » Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:51 pm

Checked the padeye fitting for any burrs or edge. Feels smooth. No wear on the line where it sits slack at the pad eye when the daggerboard/drop keel is down. Guessing if the pad eye was the issue the ~1500nm of sailing relatively choppy conditions of L. Superior might result in chaff if a burr/edge was an issue. Yesterday was day #65 on the water. Picked up the boat late April of ‘18. Wouldn’t think the at least 65 drops and lifts would cause any issues. Thinking road time would more of an issue. Marina is only 20 mile round trip. Last season only 26 round trips. This season Vela is marina parked. Less than 1/4 mile round trip from long term trailer parking/storage to ramp.

Whatever the cause. Simple fix. Just measure first :) .

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