Impressive little boat. My first squall.

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Impressive little boat. My first squall.

#1 Post by noel » Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:26 pm

Sailing the S15. Few times out this season where setting a 2nd reef has been required. 20kts sustained with gusts into upper 20’s. No problem for this small boat. Just need a bit more attention in heading upwind to reduce the pounding in heavy seas. Only issue is wishing I had hanked on the storm jib, but no way am I going forward under these conditions. Problem with L. Superior sailing is in a single day you may experience sub 10 to +20 kt sustained winds. At least with the S15 you have the option of just dousing the jib from the cockpit and sailing under a double reefed main if needed.

The squall. Another no so accurate NOAA nearshore marine forecast. Forecast was for sunny and settled day. Then at 1328. Warning: Special Marine Warning. Thunderstorm with gust in excess of 45knots. Seek save harbor immediately. It was for the Northshore. Miles away. I’m up the West Channel of the Apostle Islands roughly 12nm from my departure marina in Washburn, WI. I see thunderheads developing to the Northwest, North. Come about and head home. The boomers were gaining, but I’m thinking I’ll make it to port. Over my starboard shoulder from the west (mainland)a black wall of clouds suddenly pop up. Drop the sails. Just got the last sail tie on. I can hear the wind. Tethered in and proceed to get almost knocked over under bare poles. Black sky, black frothing water and sideways rain that stung. Not much to do but brace, grab the rail and go with the flow.

Impressive little boat. After a few moments the initial hard blast of air dropped to just a real hard wind and Vela popped back up.

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Re: Impressive little boat. My first squall.

#2 Post by RickCA » Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:52 am

Thanks Noel for actively sharing your experiences both here and on the trailer sailor forum. You're an excellent ambassador for Sage!

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