Conditions at Lake Powell

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Conditions at Lake Powell

#1 Post by Stephen » Sat May 04, 2019 4:36 pm

We just returned from a trip to Lake Powell, having daydreamed over everyone else's pics and videos for some time now. As always, the scenery and surroundings were uniquely beautiful and inspiring, but trailer sailors be advised: The lake is extremely low at present (down 130 feet). With the upstream snowpack thawing, it will begin to fill, but unmarked shoals, and shallows exist. The "Cut" channel out of Wahweap Bay is not usable, and Wahweap Marina is the only operating launch ramp around Stateliness or Antelope. The waterline is way down the hill from the entrance station, to where the apron shallows out. We were unable to launch Marinara for this reason. With the tongue extended, and the truck's back 1/3rd in the water, there just wasn't enough depth under the keel of our sage 17 to float the hull off the cradle. This was a new experience, but not wanting to star in one of those "launch fail" videos, we went hiking instead. Good luck to all, best wait a few weeks, and live to sail another day.