On the shoulders of giants

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On the shoulders of giants

#1 Post by sal » Mon Dec 25, 2017 2:01 pm

While we were at Annapolis in October showing Sage's, a gentleman that has apparently been watching us for while, said; "I love your business model sal, Jerry Montgomery with pocket cruisers, and now Robb White. Sage is standing on the shoulders of giants".

We showed a prototype of a Robb White design.


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Re: On the shoulders of giants

#2 Post by scoob » Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:30 pm

some more details to expand on Sal's post -

We like to mix the traditional and the modern at Sage Marine. The Sage 17, Sage 15 and SageCat are a bit traditional and a bit modern. For the next boat we are at it again … the SageSport 160! What is this ‘SageSport’? Well -

Sage has taken the classic Robb White Sportboat and mixed with some modern. SageSport 160 is made of a resin infused fiberglass, carbon fiber and kevlar hull that makes for a very light boat that is car toppable. We are trying for a standard boat weight of 50#. She can also be paddled, rowed (both with a fixed seat or a sliding seat) and, you guessed it, sailed.

A SageSport 160 is rated to use up to a 6HP outboard. The boat will plane at just over three knots (way before her hull speed). The boat is actually designed to plane … not an ‘apply horsepower until the boat goes fast’ design.

Our first prototype, a wooden strip-plank built, boat has been built and tested. So far we have taken the boat out in winds blowing up to 30 knots with seas about 2’. The boat motored at 9-10 knots at ½-throttle on a 6HP motor. Yes, she was planing in these conditions! Additionally the boat wasn’t squirrly and felt very stable.
greg in SageSport160 wood proto.jpg
SageSport 160 will have positive flotation and be available in a variety of colors.

More info to come!

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