Reefing a Sage

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Reefing a Sage

#1 Post by scoob » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:25 am

A commonly asked question is, “how hard is it to reef a Sage 15/17/SageCat?” Great question and the answer takes longer to type than to reef the boats -
  • Lower the main until the reef tack grommet is about 6 or so inches above the boom gooseneck.
  • Re-cleat the main halyard.
  • Pull the reef tack line so the grommet is tight to the boom gooseneck.
  • Reach aft along the boom and pull the reef clew line to pull the clew grommet to the boom.
Yep … that is all it takes. I can reef a Sage in about 30 seconds.

For the first reef I usually don’t tie in buntlines to clean up the sail as there is not much hanging below the boom. For a second reef I tie in the buntlines after re-balancing the helm and the boat is sailing herself with the TillerClutch engaged.

On the S17 and S15 the mast work is done while sitting on the cabin top (house) with my legs hanging into the companionway. The SageCat is rigging for the reefing to be done entirely from the cockpit.

That is it folks. Quick, easy and simple.
airborn on dillon.jpg
- Pictured above Sage 17 AIR BORN sailing on Lake Dillon, CO, in winds blowing 25+ knots. She is sailing with a single reefed main and a storm jib.

Let me know your thoughts.

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