Cruising World Magazine & small boat Renaissance

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Cruising World Magazine & small boat Renaissance

#1 Post by sal » Sun Apr 19, 2015 9:56 am

We'd like to thank Crusising World Magazine for their honorable mention of our Sage 17 in their May 2015 edition.

I have been saying for several years that trailer sailers and small boats in general are having a Renaissance.

I have been noticing more and more notice of small sailing craft in the Sailing mags recently. Ads and mention for small boats and trailer Sailors in the magazines that previously have been for larger craft.

The success of Josh and Craig's fine magazine "Small Craft Advisor" is part of or perhaps even causing this development.

Any thoughts on this trend?


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#2 Post by catsailor » Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:00 pm

its no trend its reality....most of us don't have enough TIME in our lives. I had a 28 footer and it was always the same sail north or south of the bay bridge, on the other spectrum my beach cat took me to more exotic places from Barnegett Bay NJ to Daytona Beach Florida and all places in between. Its so freeing to own a trailerable boat. And I think your Sage Cat 15 will be a HUGE success if you market it right.

Here is how to do that marketing ....U Tube video's of actual owners talking about why the dumped their other boats to pick your new Cat rigged 15. These video's will resonate well with future on the fence buyers.

So when will I get my boat :)

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