Tow Vehicle for Sage 17

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Tow Vehicle for Sage 17

#1 Post by Bill1016 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:03 am

Hello all, I'm a Sage 17 wannabe and about to purchase my next car/SUV. I want to be safe but I don't want to buy more vehicle than I need. I have towed several boats, the Ensenada 20 was okay with my 6 cy Explorer but it was a chore. I know there will be a lot of questions about where I want to go, and the answer is I want to go everywhere, but it seems most likely down I-95 from Maryland to Florida. Highway speed but no mountains. But I keep looking at your post and see those lakes with snow capped mountains in the background and I want to be there too. So, any and all comments/suggestions are welcome. Currently I have a 36' catamaran but I want to buy a house in Florida and I don't want to maintain two houses and a boat, so the big boat will have to go and my wife and I will enter the next phase of our retirement. I like the description of the Dodge Durango but haven't done the test drive.

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Re: Tow Vehicle for Sage 17

#2 Post by scoob » Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:02 am

Bill1016 wrote:Hello all, I'm a Sage 17 wannabe and about to purchase my next car/SUV.
I drove across the country more times than I can count (100,000+ miles), this includes crossing the Rocky Mountains, with a Ford Ranger standard shift with the 4.0L six. Never had an issue pulling. As with any vehicle the greater issue is stopping. The Ranger did fine. The Ranger is no-more (maybe) but there are many small trucks and SUV's of equal abilities. My current truck is a Tundra ... it doesn't really notice the boat is back there.

What you want for towing a Sage 17 with many options and a deluxe trailer is vehicle that tows at minimum 2500# (this is what the Ranger could do). Better is more as it gives you more latitude in both pulling AND STOPPING. Most V6 automatic mid-sized SUVs now tow at this level if not a bit more. The same goes for most of the V6 small trucks on the market.

If you have a specific vehicle in my let me know ... and don't trust the car dealers as they will always say things that don't show they know how to safety tow anything (one of my favorite is, 'you can tow over capacity with a boat is it cuts the wind better than a travel trailer.' - NO as the mass is mass regardless the shape ESPECIALLY when trying to stop!).

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Re: Tow Vehicle for Sage 17

#3 Post by KenATX » Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:05 am

I JUST bought a Sage 17 (1000+ miles from home - and I flew to look at the boat). Even had I had it with me, I did not consider my 4 cyl Subaru Outback sufficient for towing the Sage (I too envision towing over mountain ranges, including over the Appalachians to get my purchase home.)

So, in for a pint, in for a pound - I bought an AWD Honda Ridgeline the same day. It’s 6 cyl & includes a towing package (transmission cooling in addition to the hitch). Towed it like a champ - never even knew it was back there. Driving the Ridgeline around now that I’m back home, I realize how truly impressive its brakes are. As mentioned above, I think the ability to stop is more important than the ability to pull!

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Re: Tow Vehicle for Sage 17

#4 Post by lstapper » Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:10 am

I tow my Sage 17 with a six cylinder outback. It works fine. I did add surge brakes to the trailer because, while the outback is fine for the towing the specs on the outback brakes are not enough to support the boat+trailer for stopping.


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