Annapolis Sail Boat Show - report

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Annapolis Sail Boat Show - report

#1 Post by sal » Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:42 am

We just got back from the Annapolis show. Dave, Gail and I represented Sage at the show. Certainly a long drive, but we took 4 days travel instead of our usual 3. (each way)

We had many visitors from previous shows. Despite the rain, the show was busy and we had many check out our boats. A lot of very knowledgable sailors that can appreciate the quality of our S17. Many also downsizing. These sailors have had larger boats and want to retain the performance, quality and safety, but in a smaller package.

We had the hull for the new S15 at the show, which also received a lot of attention. Jerry did a great job on the design, plug, mold and first hull (#00). We learned the hard way that the digital CAD world is not yet ready for Jerry's lapstrakes so Jerry had to go back to making the plug by hand. He's currently working on the deck plug.

We were surprised to learn that a competitor had handouts comparing their boat to the Sage 17. I guess we're bing noticed by some. Our boats are more costly than the competition, but we also give you a fine yacht well worth the cost.

The first thing I like to compare on boats is the hull deck joint. Jerry insists on an internal flange on the hull, an external flange on the deck, chemically bonded and then through bolted every 6 inches. Making the boat literally one piece. Some think it's overkill. It's certainly more expensive to build. If top quality is not on the hull deck joint, it's not likely to be found anywhere else. We usually come out on top in that comparison.

We're already looking forward to next years show.