Winter Messabout, Lake Pleasant AZ, 2019

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Winter Messabout, Lake Pleasant AZ, 2019

#1 Post by dougk » Sat Nov 17, 2018 11:47 am

Lake Pleasant, AZ Winter Messabout - February 15 Thru February 17, 2019

Any and all small sail powered craft are welcome – Potter, Montogomery, Sage, Compact, Welsford designs, Oughtred designs, CLC designs, self designed, ect – basically every one

Average daytime highs are 70 degrees and lows of around 48, lots of Sunshine. Come and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow small boaters and plenty of sunshine.

Camping on the shore with room for tents and small RVs but no water or electricity. Non-primitive camping available about 5 miles away and hotels/Motels are about 12 miles away. Scorpion Bay Marina and Pleasant Harbor Marina are about 3 miles away by water.

Group campfires at night.
Brats on the Beach (no sandy beaches at Lake Pleasant)
Bragging rights for event winners!

Lots of on the water activities in a protected area with:
possible 8 mile RAID event with remote desert camping
possible 5 or 10 mile long distance race following same general course as the RAID but finish is back at the start
rowing/paddling events
exploring events
just messing about.

Location is dependent on water level, but is likely to be in a deep narrow creek with little swing room so large boats need to be aware (unless they have a dinghy?) Best if the bow of your boat can be pulled up on a gravelly shore with stern anchor (deep water little scope) or pull the boat on shore. (roller or pad for hull protection is a good idea)

RSVP with interests to

No messabout fees except for Brats on the Beach

Park Fees
Daily access $7
Daily non motorized boat - $2
Primitive camping fee - $15
link to the lake ... l-1024.jpg
link to the Park ... l-park-lp/
Links for marinas-

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Re: Winter Messabout, Lake Pleasant AZ, 2019

#2 Post by sal » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:42 am

Is this still a go?


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Re: Winter Messabout, Lake Pleasant AZ, 2019

#3 Post by Stephen » Tue Jan 15, 2019 6:10 pm

I'll be recovering from surgery, but am hoping to be up for this event. I'll know for sure in early February. With regard to the possible RAID event, I have a good location in mind, where I've enjoyed boat camping several times. It's a sheltered anchorage in a fairly roomy little bay about 2.5 miles north of Pleasant Harbor Marina. I don't think it has a name, but does have gently sloping beach, shallow enough water offering room for quite a few boats to swing at anchor, or nose into shore. It is wilderness shoreline and really nice at night. So if you need to find a location, let me know and I'll get the info. to you.

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