auto tiller for sage

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auto tiller for sage

#1 Post by lstapper » Wed May 13, 2020 6:14 pm

With the social distancing requirements I will be doing a LOT of solo sailing this summer. I was wondering if anyone has put a self steering device like an auto helm on the sage and how that worked out. This would be used more for motoring than during times the sails are up. I realize the tiller lock can be used but I find this doesnt give accurate enough control while putting the sails up and down with other boats around.


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Re: auto tiller for sage

#2 Post by noel » Sun May 24, 2020 5:08 pm

Sailing a S15 single-handed on L. Superior. No auto tiller. There are times life would be easier with an auto tiller. Small light displacement boat is sensitive to my movement. Add choppy seas. Things can go sideways fast if you don’t stay focused while hoisting or dropping the sails. Did look into the smaller Raymarine and Simrad units that run by a piston attached to the tiller. Costs plus needing to add an electrical system squashed that idea. Keeping it simple (tiller clutch). Learned to “enjoy” the rolling boat as I place the sail ties. Lock the tiller after dropping sails & starting the motor. End up motoring in a tight circle while digging out and setting the fenders, docking lines. More or less keeps me within a small place. Under sail I heave to if in need to leave the tiller. Hove to multiple times per sailing day. Lots of reefing, unreefing, adding or removing layers of clothing and then there are the call of nature. Have become tiller clutch dependent.

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