trailer launch & retrieve

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trailer launch & retrieve

#1 Post by lstapper » Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:05 pm

how long does it take you to get your boat on and off the trailer? For me, doing it alone, its four hours from driving into the marina to driving away with the boat on the trailer and highway ready. Honestly it seems to me I am taking too long, but I dont seem to be able to do better. Any tips or suggestions would be great.


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Re: trailer launch & retrieve

#2 Post by noel » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:12 am

Sailing the S15 sloop. Based on the online info the time and effort required to step the mast of the S17 is significantly more. Single handed stepping the S15 mast takes ~10 minutes. Takes longer to remove all the bungee chords than to raise and fix the mast. I may use too many bungee ball chords :) . Total time from arriving at the marina to pushing off the dock is ~1hr. Hanking on the sails and running all the lines takes the majority of the time. Guessing our ~2hr time difference is the effort required to step and drop the mast. Not sure what more you can do to reduce the time.

This season I’m storing Vela at the marina on the trailer. Extra $400 for six months of sailing, but with the sails hanked on I’m out of the marina hoisting sails in 20-30 minutes. Unless someone stops by to talk. A common event. Vela is a bit of a boat magnet. The negatives are it limits which islands I can get to, the occasional bird poo hits. Marina is ~6nm inside the Bay. Turns out I enjoy daysailing more in the Bay than the channels. Most the channels are only 2-3nm wide between the islands. The Bay is +50sq miles of water. Not sure if on trailer boat storage at your favorite launch site is an option. Having only to remove sail covers and deploy fenders and lines saves a chunk of set-up and breakdown time.

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