mast raising gear for Sage 17

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mast raising gear for Sage 17

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Can an "old geezer" add to the dialogue concerning mast raising? The mast raising set up for the Sage 17 shown on the video seems a little like a Rube Goldberg creation. Might I suggest a much more foolproof and simpler system? Rather than using lines tied in place to support the rig, why not make up a permanent bridle system of rigging wire and snap shackles which would be attached to two permanent deck fittings (properly backed). I've successfully used this system on two Corsair trimarans for over 15 years. There's no guess work. Corsair made these up as part of the standard equipment, and it sure saved a lot of time and worry when stepping/unstepping the mast. I'm seriously considering moving back to a trailer-sailer from my current boat which needs the shipyard to launch.......but in my late 70's, I don't need white knuckle launching adventures any more. Has anyone made up a rig like I'm suggesting....or might Sage Marine consider including it in its package?

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thanks for your question.

the challenges to a wire system, as i see them -

the Corsair mast base and standing rig is very different than the Sage 17's. the Coresair's mast plate, as i understand from pictures and videos, can support the mast from swinging port or starboard. the Sage 17's cannot. for this reason the 'baby stay's must be snug.

turnbuckles are needed to snug the wires. turnbuckles encourage folks to over-tighten the 'baby stays' and damage rig and deck. without a way to tighten the 'baby stays' for raising/lowering the rig will swing dangerously port to starboard.

with the current 'rope' system can have a snap shackle attached where the line attached to the mast. snap shackle just adds $$ to the system. a bowline is very low cost.

more padeyes can be done on the cabin top. the deck very full with hardware at this point. the cabin top jib sheet blocks & tracks are more than up to the task. more padeyes add $$$.

mast raising wires can't be kept on the rig full time unless one plans not to sail with the working, lapper nor storm jib sheeted to the cabin top. the prior headsails can be sheeted to the the toe rail genoa tracks with the boat loosing pointing ability (looser sheeting angle = lesser windward ability).

a wire system is also more costly than using line (rope). wire itself is not that much more expensive than line. the items needed to use wire: eyes a the ends (parts & labor); adding turnbuckles (parts & labor, see above for concerns when using turnbuckles); and other things in the fine details add more $$$$.

we are always willing to consider other options. please provide details and if the system is seen as safe we can install on your Sage 17.

Now, for the Sage 15 sloop and the SageCat the mast is 1/2 the weight and we are working on much easier raising/lowering systems.
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