External Main Halyard

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External Main Halyard

#1 Post by Docdoodle » Sun May 01, 2016 7:44 am

At the risk of committing heresy I'm thinking about adding an external halyard for the mainsail. (I know, I know, more windage, halyard slap, all that.) The low mast exit of the internal halyard makes raising the sail 14-16 inches at a time a royal PITA. The boat is till in storage so I haven't studied the problem to see how one might attach an external block, either to the masthead fitting or using the pin for the current internal halyard block. If I can preserve the internal halyard maybe it could be used as a topping lift, though I"m not sure how well it would get along with the sail's roach. I'm just not much in love with my boomkicker (the one with the fork connection to the boom) which is always sliding askew on the boom despite all efforts to adjust the thing.
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#2 Post by scoob » Sun May 01, 2016 10:50 am


for an external halyard run the halyard through the aft sheeve (like it is currently) and then through the forward sheeve (that is currently un-used).

for the Boomkicker are use a short 3/16" line to tie the bracket 'fork' to the boom. run the line through the loop at the boom of the webbing. i can provide a picture if needed. now all S17 Boomkickers have a velcro strap to hold the 'fork' to the boom.
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#3 Post by Docdoodle » Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:39 am

Thanks, Dave. I decided to leave the internal halyard as is, and added a block at the base of the mast for the main halyard. This gives me the leverage to easily raise the main from the cockpit, then keeping strain on the halyard, step forward to secure it to the cleat on the mast, excess halyard hanging into the cabin over the sliding hatch. I could add some more hardware to run the main halyard on the deck (as I see you've done in the S15 sloop video) but for now will keep it simple, not wanting the excess line in the cockpit when sailing. Thanks for the tip on the Boomkicker. Velcro should do better than the bungee I've been using.

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