Prototype sale!!!!

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Prototype sale!!!!

#1 Post by Greg the Boatbuilder » Wed Oct 17, 2018 8:45 am

Hi everyone,

It is getting a bit crowded in the Sage shop so we have decided to sell off the prototypes of our SageSport160. These are a screaming deal for $1200. That is just our cost on the materials. All four are somewhat different from production and are a bit heavier, but are seaworthy little boats.

All 4 do NOT have the adjustable center seat or oar locks for rowing. All 4 have a watertight storage compartment in the bow that is an option now. They all have flotation foam and are motor ready.

CL 2542 GK (light blue) is the heaviest at 180lbs, kinda dirty with some small cosmetic blemished. Super burly.

CL 5506 GK (pale green) utilized foam ribs for strength, closer to 150lbs with some cosmetic molding blemishes

CL 5507 GK (white) light weight close to production hull, 130lbs. Does not have carbon ribs so there is slight flex in the floor under power while jumping through waves

CL 5509 GK (white) Full production hull with carbon ribs, 125lbs.

Trailers will be available for $1400 but not for about a month.

We are a Honda and Toqeedo electric dealers if you would like to esquire about powering the boat also

Please respond to if interested

SageSport FLyer-2.jpg
SageSport FLyer-2.jpg
SageSport FLyer-2.jpg

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