Sage 21/23

A hypothetical boat design that Jerry is 'playing with'.
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Sage 21/23

#1 Post by ccrispel » Sun May 05, 2013 10:06 am


Your design of the Montgomery 23 (older version) was outstanding and still is the standard that many trailer sailers work to achieve-but don't!

I am most interested in a vessel I can really cruise aboard with my ever lovin. However, I am 6'7" and my wife is 5' 10" and it is a major sucess if I can bend over enough to get around the interior of a small vessel. Your older 23 is just such a vessel. I, for one, would really, really appreciate a design that will permit me to 'LIVE" aboard for a week or so. I realize my height is extraordinary and most boat builders do not and would not build for my height however, if a vessel had 6+ headroom, I could function. I believe that most men today are 6' or over in height and if you next vessel had such headroom, you would open up the market to many more potential buyers and I would be one of them. Therefore, I would propose a Sage 23 rather than a 21 depending on what you would do in the design of the 21. You are my hero and I look to you to SAVE ME!