Welcome to the 21' Jerry Montgomery Design Forum

A hypothetical boat design that Jerry is 'playing with'.
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Welcome to the 21' Jerry Montgomery Design Forum

#1 Post by scoob » Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:15 pm

Jerry Montgomery is exploring the idea of launching a 21' design and has shared the following 'primer' to start discussion -

[INDENT]If you were interested in buying a new boat of about 21', maybe a 2500 lb boat, what would be the ideal beam for you? keep in mind that all interstate highways now have a 9" max, but some state highways still have an 8' max. even tho I've heard that the 8' limit, where applicable, is not enforced.

Remember that there should be a relationship between beam and freeboard, so more beam is more bigger.

Also keep in mind trailering. A beam of 9' is hard to see around w/o really wide mirrors, even with a pickup truck.. It would probably be a keel/centerboarder so maybe it would sit high enough on the trailer so that your line of vision would be mostly under the widest part. maybe.

This is a hypothetical boat; i've picked 21' mainly because of what I'd want in the interior, and beam really wouldn't be a big factor other than visually.

The Catalina 22, Montgomery 23, probably all of the larger McGregors, etc, are all 8' in beam. Maybe my question should have been "do you want to go wider than these boats"? Within the 9' max there really wouldn't be a big difference in performance that couldn't be controlled with sail area.

I made up an index many years ago on the relationship between length, beam, and freeboard, for trailerable-sized boats, taking into account only sailing qualities and assuming the market would not be a factor (which never happens), and the beam according to that index comes out to be 8' 3". I don't claim the index to be correct although I had many hours of input from Lyle Hess and Ron Holder over lunches and beers and there IS a lot of thought into it, for what that's worth.


so ... what do you think?

please begin a new topic, or contribute to a current discussion thread ... i have 'locked' this announcement to encourage the use of new topic subjects to help everyone follow each idea for this 21 foot boat.
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