Creaking daggerboard/drop keel

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Creaking daggerboard/drop keel

#1 Post by noel » Tue May 11, 2021 7:32 am

Vela at the end of last season (year #3) has logged a little less than 2200 nm under sail. All on L. Superior. F1 to F7 winds with calm to too large seas. One knockdown due to straight line winds on the leading edge of a squall line. Forgot about a creaking thump that developed at the end of last season. Hard to isolate where the sound was coming from. Until this last Saturday. Wind and seas built requiring to put in a reef. 2-3 foot chop made for a bit of a rough upwind leg and pronounced creak thump. Definitely from the daggerboard box.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Old memory. I thought the board more or less slides on some high density poly "bushings". Wondering if they have worn down. Looks like the top of daggerboard box is attached by bolts/screws that would allow taking a look inside of it. Today's project will be to pop the top and take a look.

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