SageCat and Sage 15 videos

Discuss the Jerry Montgomery designed pocket cruiser SAGE 15 (sloop) and SageCat (catboat version of the Sage 15)

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SageCat and Sage 15 videos

#1 Post by kingco » Sun Nov 03, 2019 1:52 pm

Hi all,
I have tried to start making a few videos of my SageCat over this past summer because there really aren't many videos that I have found out there featuring the SageCat or Sage 15. I have posted a few on a youtube channel, but I would really like to see other people's videos of their boats and their setups for different systems and uses. I will post a few links to some of my youtube videos below from this past summer. Please post your videos/pictures of your boats too if you have them. I'd love to learn from other SageCat/Sage 15 owners! One of my videos is super long (17 min). It is about most of my boat setup modifications and basically just a tour in general. I honestly try to go through the boat as quickly as possible, there is just a lot of details on a SageCat to cover!

Boat Tour:

Nav Setup:

Downwind sailing:

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