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Standing rig tension?

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 3:10 pm
by noel
Yesterday was an “interesting” L. Superior day. 14knots SW with gusts into low 20’s. Built to WSW to W 17-20 knots with gusts into upper 20’s. Started the day reefed. Needed to put in the 2nd reef by late morning. Then the 1700 doldrums kicked in a bit early at 1630. A nice 10-12 knot breeze. Shake out the reefs and relaxed. 1-3 foot seas. Sunny to fair and “warm” (50’s on the water, 70’s onshore). 32.3nm on the odometer.

Weird thing. A loud creaking-cracking noise(panic moment) started about 1-2 hours after putting in the second reef when beating hard upwind. Of course at the furthest point from home. Headed home. Anxious moment. Veering to a beam reach it more or less disappeared. Nothing loose in the cabin or cockpit lockers causing the sound. Mast step seemed solid. No sound after shaking out the reefs in the lighter late afternoon wind.

Back on trailer. Gear and sails stowed. Forestay is tight. Shrouds look tight. Grabbing the mast at ~5feet up and pulling straight back to the stern with my body weight there is no perceived movement. Opposite direction. Mast seems to flex forward a bit until the shrouds get real tight. Wondering if this flexing is the creaking sound? When hitting a swell, wave Vela does it bounce and rock. Mast flexes forward and rebounds back. Creak.

The questions: Do I need more shroud tension for higher wind 2 reef conditions? If so, how tight is too tight? Guessing too tight would place an unnecessary static and pre-compressive load on the cabin top. How much deflection of the shrouds should there be if grabbing the shroud with a fingers ~5 feet up from the deck pulling and /or pushing?

Re: Standing rig tension?

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:03 pm
by noel
May have determined the source of the creak-cracking sound. The daggerboard and/or the block and tackle hardware used to lift the board. Greg noted when picking up Vela that boar was on the “looser” side of normal. Looking down into the trunk when the board is down you can see a thin line of light. Didn't cross my mind that the board could move given that it seems rock solid in position when down. Over at trailer sailor Dave noted it might be the cause. Reason why when pinching hard upwind and pounding through 2-3 ft chop it creaks.

Removing the locking pins after sailing requires spinning the bolts out with a 9/16” ratcheted wrench. Easy to hand remove it the boat has not been sailed. Guessing the water pressure when sailing repositions the board just enough to require using the wrench.

Single reefer start a few days ago. Real ugly confused seas. Heading hard upwind or not paying serious attention to the sea “pattern” resulted in a serious hard pounding and face shots of cold L. Superior. Also an occasional creak. No creak when beam to broad reach.

Friend with decades of sailing experience thought that the shroud tension is fine for a fractional rig.

Re: Standing rig tension?

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:44 pm
by sal
Hi Noel,

Jerry likes the shrouds to be a little loose. I've not hear d of the "creak" noise before. I'll contact Jerry. Maybe he can add some info. Sorry to be late in responding. Been a crazy summer so far.