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Transom mount for sculling oar v2.

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:15 am
by noel
Motors fail, wind disappears. Need an alt source of propulsion.

Sculling oar mount (SOM)v1 worked fine, but..... Practical function issue. Clamps on to the motor mount. Requires removing motor before attachment. Removing an outboard from a rolling, pitching sailboat is no fun. SOM v2 is a transom mounted model. Sandwiches the transom. Dry fitting it seems to be functional. Plus it takes less than a minute to attach and detach. Right now the penetrating epoxy is curing. After a few coats of marine varnish and permanent attachment of some hardware it will be ready for an on the water test. Total cost less hardware $0.00. Lumber salvaged from my “junk” pile.

For those interested is building a sculling oar that packs down to a 4 foot bundle. Recommend the cf ferrule (~$30) and Scullmatrix(~$37) available from Oar used is the Caviness BW-SU series 8 footer. The Scullmatrix requires a fat 1 3/4” diameter oar. The BW-SU required ~1/8” build up. Caviness does sell a break a part oar. The 100J, but it’s only 1 1/2” and max length of 7 feet.