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A quick video of the prototype Sage 15 sloop sailing.


First video of a Sage 15 SageCat (ie, catboat version) sailing!


A Sage 17 cruising Northern Puget Sound.

Sage 17 promotion video.


Sage 17 on the DELUXE trailer will fit through a standard seven foot garage door opening.


Sage 17 Shakedown Cruise video taken in Washington State's and Canada's San Juan and Gulf Islands.


Raising the Sage 17 mast 'single handed' is easy because of the low-weight standing rigging. Mast, halyards, shrouds and stays combined weigh only 35-36 pounds. The jib halyard is used as a temporary forestay.

Sage Marine has a Youtube channel with more vidoes of Sage 17, Sage 15 and SageCat -