Sail Logo and Lapstrake Hull

Sage 17

Overall Length:
16' 10"

Length at Waterline:
15' 7"

6' 9"

board up - 1' 9"
board down - 3' 6"
Rudder depth - 3' 11"

Sail Areas:
main - 98 sq. ft.
working jib -54 sq. ft.
'lapper' - 65 sq. ft.
genoa - 87 sq. ft.
storm jib - 16 sq. ft.

Mast is 22' long and the masthead height is 25' above the waterline.

keel - 400 lb.
centerboard - 120 lb.

Boat Weight:
appro. 1300 lb.

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Sage 17Sage 17 is constructed of a mix of fiberglass mat and cloth, vinylester resin, carbon fiber and end grain balsa core. A lapstrake hull was selected for rigidity, tracking and wave deflection. This classically styled hull is a trademark of Montgomery's designs.

Hull and deck design and construction:

  • Hull and interior cabin liner are made with hand layed fiberglass using all vinylester resin.
  • The deck, cabin roof and cockpit are made of carbon fiber and vinylester resin. Horizontal portions of the deck are non-skid and contain balsa core for added strength. This creates a rigid and light-weight structure. The cabin/deck structure is so strong that a compression post is not required.

    Jerry Montgomery explains why carbon fiber is used for the deck -
    "Since the deck is well above the waterline, it's anti-ballast. Saving 100 pounds in the deck (and we've saved more than that) eliminates the need for about 200 lbs of ballast to arrive at the same righting moment. Combined this saves at least 300 lbs of weight. It's obvious what this does for performance and for trailering."
  • The transom is carbon fiber to reduce weight aft and keep Sage 17 on her lines. A boarding ladder and fixed height motor mount are standard.
  • The hull deck joint is an outward flange that is chemically bonded and then through bolted on six inch centers. The joint is capped with a teak toe rail.

Custom gelcoat colors are available for the hull, deck, cabin, cove stripe and boot stripe


NOTE:the above descriptions and specifications may be changed without notice.


Sage 17 centerboard winch

The centerboard is weighted with 120 pounds of lead to provide an exceptional righting moment. In combination with an efficient keel design Sage 17 will tack within 90 degrees.

To assist in raising and lowering the centerboard, a winch is mounted in the self-draining cockpit, just beneath the entry to the cabin.


Sage 17 kickup rudderThe mahogany bladed rudder is designed to kick-up to avoid damage to the blade or transom.

A quick up-and-down movement of the tiller will raise and lower the blade when gunkholing.

The rudder and tiller are made by J O Woodworks.

A tiller extension is standard equipment.


NOTE:the above descriptions and specifications may be changed without notice.



Sage 17 masthead and spreadersThe fractional 7/8 rig provides performance and versatility.

The Dwyer mast has single spreaders, with lower and upper shrouds, rear and fore-stays. The stays and shrouds are made by Jerry Montgomery.

The mast assembly is 22' long, weights approximately 35 pounds and can be raised and lowered by one person.

Sage 17 genoa trackSheets for the 'Lapper' and smaller headsails run inside the shrouds to improve her ability to point into the wind. A genoa is sheeted outside the shrouds.

The jib sheet winches are mounted at the rear of the cabin top. The main sheet is located in the cockpit on a floor mounted traveler and features upwind sheeting controls.

Sage 17 comes standard with cabin top tracks and lead car blocks. Optional hardware for sheeting large headsails is located on the toe rails.

The jib and genoa track hardware are made by Garhauer Marine. The remainder of the headsail and main control hardware are made by Harken.

Sage 17's sail area is 152 sq. ft. when using the main and working jib. The 'lapper' is 65 sq. ft. and adds 11 sq. ft to the sail plan. For light wind days the 87 sq. ft. genoa is flown increasing the sail area to a total of 185 sq. ft. Roller reefing or furling hardware for the headsail is available.

For off the wind performance the spinnaker package can be ordred.

Sage 17's sails are made by Elliot-Pattison Sailmakers


NOTE:the above descriptions and specifications may be changed without notice.



Sage 17's Cockpit

At 78" long the cockpit is comfotable enough for an adult to sleep, or seat four comfortably. Three cockpit lockers allow for storage of sails, ground tackle, outboard motor fuel and much more.

Water that may enter the cockpit is self draining through the centerboard trunk.


Sage 17's Cabin

Finished with wood accents, the cabin is open and has no compression post. Two adults sleep in an obstruction free forward v-berth. Port and starboard seats provide sitting headroom just inside the companionway. Natural light comes from four cabin windows. A forward hatch allows for ventilation. The head is easily accessed under the forward berth. Ample storage exists under the v-berth, cabin seats, and cockpit floor.

The v-berth cushions are 3" thick, fabric topped, vinyl backed, and come in a wide variety of colors.

A DC electrical system is available that includes three 12-volt electrical ports, battery charger, 6-position distribution panel and LED cabin light.

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All Sage 17's come standard with a bow pulpit to provide security for crew going forward and a transom boarding ladder to facilitate boarding the boat if someone is in the water.

Ballasted by 520 pounds of lead encapsulated in both the keel and centerboard, the boat has reassuring stability.

Water that may enter the cockpit is self draining through the centerboard trunk.

Sage 17 can be ordered with positive flotation, bilge pump, and cabin top hand rails.


Sage 17 Sailing


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Sage 17 sits on a custom made galvanized Pacific trailer.

Sage on deluxe trailer

The DELUXE trailer option features a 'low rider' frame allowing Sage 17 to fit through a standard seven foot garage door opening. This trailer comes with LED lights, Trailer Buddy trailing arm torsion axles with Hybrid Oil VAULT hubs, integrated tongue extension, 14-inch tires and a spare tire with mount.

Options available for the DELUXE trailer are: boarding ladder, and Sage Marine's outboard trailer motor mount.


Sage on standard trailer

The standard trailer features lighter weight keeping the boat and trailer combination under 2000 pounds. This trailer comes standard with 13-inch tires and Bearing Buddy axle hub protectors and a spare tire with mount..

Options available for the standard trailer are: LED lights and outboard motor mount.


NOTE:the above descriptions and specifications may be changed without notice.


To provide you the opportunity to see Sage 17 hull 01, AIR BORN, and her sisterships will be participating in pocket cruiser events and attending boat shows around the county:

  • Sage 17 AIR BORN is available for demonstration sails. Send us an email,, or call 800-621-1065 to arrange a date & time.
  • A Sage will be at the 2018 Annapolis Sailboat Show 4-8 October 2018.¬†We will be in a new location -- LAND SITE 41 next to the BIG A&B tents.


This page was updated on 18 January 2018 and will be updated again as new locations and dates are arranged. You can also review discussion on when and where to see Sage 17 and Sage 15 in the Sage Marine FORUM.