Sail Logo and Lapstrake Hull

Sage 15 Sloop

Overall Length:
15' 2"

Length at Waterline:
14' 6"

6' 5"

board up - 7"
board down - 3'
Rudder depth - 3'6"

Sail Areas:
SLOOP - 128 sq. ft. (main + working jib)

220 lb lead bulb on a daggerboard

Boat Weight:
appro. 800 lb.

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    a Sage 15

2017 best boat nomineeSage 15 is a SAIL Magazine 2017 Boat of the Year Nominee.

Sage 15 is constructed of a mix of fiberglass mat and cloth, vinylester resin and end grain balsa core. The boat's components are made using resin infusion for exceptional strength and the lightest weight. A lapstrake hull was selected for rigidity, tracking and wave deflection. This classically styled hull is a trademark of Montgomery's designs.


resin infusionHull and deck design and construction:

  • Hull and interior cabin liner are made using a resin infusion process using all vinylester resin.
  • Horizontal portions of the deck are non-skid and contain balsa core for added strength. This creates a rigid and light-weight structure. The cabin/deck structure is so strong that a compression post is not required.
  • A transom boarding ladder and motor mount are standard.
  • The hull deck joint is an outward flange that is chemically bonded and then through bolted on six inch centers. The joint is capped with a PlasTEAK toe rail.

Custom colors are available for the cove stripe.

Check the Sage Marine blog, Happenings at Sage Marine, and the Sage Marine Sage 15 forum for updates and pictures.


NOTE:the above descriptions and specifications may be changed without notice.


Sage 15's daggerboard in the down positionThe lower end of the daggerboard is weighted with a 220 pound bulb of lead to provide an exceptional righting moment.

The daggerboard is slopped aft so items, such as kelp, slide down and off the leading edge of the board.

The rudder is designed to kick-up to avoid damage to the blade or transom.

The rudder and tiller are made by J O Woodworks.

A tiller extension is standard equipment.


NOTE:the above descriptions and specifications may be changed without notice.



sage15 sailing

Sage 15 comes standard with all the necessary deck hardware and running rigging.

The jib halyard, cunningham and jib downhaul lines run to the cockpit so the captain nor crew need to go forward.

The mast is supported by three stays with swagged fittings.

The deck hardware is by Harken and Garhauer Marine.

The mast and boom are Dwyer extrusions.

Sage 15's sails are made by Elliot-Pattison Sailmakers


NOTE:the above descriptions and specifications may be changed without notice.



Sage 15 CockpitThe self draining cockpit will have two lockers allowing for storage of sails, ground tackle and much more.

Pictured is the prototype cockpit during initial assembly.


Sage 15 cabin liner in hull

Pictured is the prototype cabin liner during prototype boat assembly.

The cabin is finished with wood accents and is fully open with no compression post. Two adults sleep in an obstruction free forward v-berth. Cabin seating has sitting headroom. Natural light and ventilation comes from four opening cabin windows.


The daggerboard, when down, dose not intrude into the cabin nor bisect the forward v-berth. The daggerboard trunk is under the v-berth so it will not obstruct entering and exiting the cabin.

There is a dedicated storage location for the head under the cockpit floor for easy to access.

Over 12 cubic feet of storage exists under the v-berth and cockpit floor.

The v-berth is 85" long and comes standard with 3" thick cushions that are fabric topped & vinyl backed. You have a a wide variety of colors to choose from.

NOTE:the above descriptions and specifications may be changed without notice.

sage15 prototypeAll boats will come standard with a bow pulpit and PlasTEAK cabin top handrails to provide security for crew going forward and a transom boarding ladder to facilitate boarding the boat if someone is in the water.

The Sage 15 sloop comes standard with a topping lift to keep the boom out of the cockpit when raising and lowering the main.

Ballasted by 220 pounds of lead encapsulated in the bulbed daggerboard the boat has reassuring stability.

Water that may enter the cockpit is self draining through the transom.

Positive flotation foam is standard.


NOTE:the above descriptions and specifications may be changed without notice.


Sage 15 comes standard with a custom made galvanized Pacific trailer.

sage15 on trailer

The trailer is just under 7' wide (outer edge of the fenders); overall length is about 19' 6"; and the height of boat w/mast in trailer crutch position is about 6'8". The boat & trailer will easily fit in a standard 20' long and 7' tall garage.

The trailer comes with a tongue extension incorporated into the frame, LED lights and a spare tire mount.

The Sage Marine Trailer Motor Mount is avalable as an option.

NOTE:the above descriptions and specifications may be changed without notice.


If you would like to arrange a demonstration sail send us an email,, or call 800-621-1065 to arrange a date & time.

A Sage will be at the 2018 Annapolis Sailboat Show 4-8 October 2018. We will be in a new location -- LAND SITE 41 next to the BIG A&B tents.

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