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14 December 2015:

'Cinnamon' red Sage 17 is back in Golden. Weather is a bit different than experienced in Florida -

red Sage 17 back in golden

23 November 2015:

A Sage 17 will be at the St. Petersburg, Florida, Sail & Power show 3-6 December 2015.

In addition to the standard items the Sage 17 attending the show features -


Pictures of the boat -

Sage 17 with red cove stripe

More pictures available on request. Please contact Dave at, or 800-621-1065, for details on the above boat's pricing.

Arrangements can also be made to see this Sage 17 as she travels to/from the show. The tentative route is: East out of Denver on I-70, South to Dallas & Fort Worth on Hwy 287, East on I-20, South on I-49, East on I-10 and then South on I-75 to St. Petersburg. The return trip will be about the same depending on where folks wish to see the boat and weather. Contact Dave at, to arrange a stop.

The St. Petersburg Sail & Power boat show specials are:

For detailed outline, pricing, restrictions, and payment schedules for the above offers please contact Dave at; or call 800-621-1065.

17 November 2015:

St Petersburg boat showSage Marine will be at the at the St. Petersburg, Florida, Power & Sailboat Show December 3-6 2015. If you would like to see the boat send us an email,, or call 800-621-1065, to request a complimentary show entrance ticket.


SageCat on custom trailerThe Sage 15, and SageCat, custom trailer has been designed. Details on the Sage Marine forum and Sage Marine blog.

22 October 2015:

Sage Marine is now on Facebook -

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20 October 2015:

The prototype SageCat will be traveling to/from southern California 24-29 of October to have the custom trailer designed. If you would like to see the boat during this trip (route is somewhat flexible) please contact Dave at

19 October 2015:

Sage Marine received the following notice from BoatUS –

Mustang Survival has announced it is voluntarily recalling two selected models of inflatable personal flotation devices (PFDs) manufactured in Canada between September 2014 and September 2015. The recall is being issued for the reinforcement of a portion of the bladder assembly that may tear when the bladder lobes are flexed apart while fully inflated.

Read BoatUS's complete notice:

Here is the link to Mustang Survival's recall announcements:

As readers know Sage Marine advocates wearing a PFD all the time … now it is time to confirm your PFD is safe to use.

SageCat first sea trial28 September 2015:

The SageCat has successfully completed her first sea trail. To see a short movie of the occasion go to the VIDEOS page.

26 September 2015:

first Sage 15 is rigged!The first Sage 15, a catboat (aka, SageCat) version, has completed initial assembly. Check the Sage Marine blog, Happenings at Sage Marine, and the Sage Marine Sage 15 forum for updates and pictures.

22 September 2015:

See the PRICING page for information on the October 2015 Annapolis Sailboat Show boat show specials.

21 September 2015:

first sage 15 is deckedThe first Sage 15 has been decked!

Check the Sage Marine blog, Happenings at Sage Marine, and the Sage Marine Sage 15 forum for updates and pictures.

8 September 2015:

Jerry Montgomery in Golden, CO, building boats

Jerry Montgomery is in Golden, Colorado, and supervising the prototype Sage 15, a SageCat model, assembly.Sage 15 daggerboard in down position

Check the Sage Marine blog, Happenings at Sage Marine, and the Sage Marine Sage 15 forum for updates and pictures.