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21 December 2011:

Wrinkle Boat Ran-Tan 2012 Logo

Resistration and event details have been shared about the '2012 Wrinkle Boat Ran-Tan' on Lake Pleasent, AZ, 13-15 January 2012. See the 'Events and Rendezvous' section of the FORUM -

18 December 2011:

New Sage 17 Custom Trailer

The new trailer for Sage 17 has arrived at Sage Marine. This trailer is custom designed for Sage 17 and includes a 6' tongue extension incorporated into the frame, tongue jack with an increased sized wheel to make moving the boat around all that easier, LED lights, Trailer Buddy trailing arm torsion axles and Hybrid Oil VAULT Hubs. The trailer also has the options of a boarding ladder and spare tire.

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16 December 2011:

Spring 2012 Sage 17 'road trip and sailing tour'!
Sage Marine is in the planning stages for a monster road trip (or series of smaller trips) to visit those places that have not yet had the opportunity to see Sage 17. The regions that Sage 17 has not visited are the Upper Midwest, Gulf Coast and Southeast. This 'traveling show' will provide Jerry Montgomery fans the opportunity to see the boat, sail the boat, and have a nice 'pocket cruiser reception'. Best locations are those that have a strong sailing community, some water , and a good place to host a reception (clubhouse, marina park, etc). Please share locations/places/etc where Sage Marine could set up a 'show' late March through early June 2012.

Send an email, , or call 800-621-1065. All of us at Sage Marine look forward to all the ideas!!