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21 November 2011:

On saturday morning, 26 november '11, from about midnight to 4AM (MST), the www-server that hosts the sage marine www-site and the forum will be undergoing an update.

Our on-line traffic has increased to a level, that requires us to 'migrate' to a server with greater capacity.

So all you USA night owls, and our international fans & customers, do not panic if the site goes down for a bit early saturday (USA, MST).

1 November 2011:

11-13 November, 2011, Sage 17 AIR BORN will be on the water in Marina Bay Yacht Harbor in Richmond, CA, on SAN FRANCISCO BAY! Want to go sailing!? Details on how to see and get some 'tiller time' in the FORUM's 'News and Announcements' sub-section.

24 October 2011:

New video of Sage 17 on the VIDEOS page. Thanks to Phil for sharing the movie.

11 October 2011:

Was great seeing 'NE-coast-folks' at the 2011 Annapolis Boat Show. Visit this www-site and the forum for updates on where to see a Sage 17.

7 October 2011:

Sage 17 at Annapolis 2011

Sage 17 is all set and ready for visitors to come aboard at the Annapolis 2011 Sailboat Show.