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26 September 2012:

Annapolis Sailboat Show pricing has been announced. Please see the PRICING page for detals.

25 September 2012:

Once again the spammers have been very aggressive in posting inappropriate topics and comments on the forum.

As a result i have needed to update the forum registration process to include a 'challenge question'. The question is designed to require someone to understanding the pocket trailer sailor cruiser community and have read the home page of the Sage Marine www-site.

I have also needed to ban large blocks of IP addresses in order, it is hoped, to stop the spamming from the worse offending countries.

If any of the above has resulted in you as a person interested in joining the conversation about the Sage 17, Sage 15, and Jerry's prior designs and boats please send Dave an email off-list. Dave's contact email is available thru the Sage Marine CONTACT www-page.

The above changes should not result in problems for currently registered uses to log into the forum and post comments.

Thanks again for your understanding and happy sailing!

24 September 2012:

Interested in going to the Annapolis Sailboat Show 5-8 October 2012? A Sage 17 will be at 'land site 81'. Sage Marine has courtesy entrance tickets if your answer is, 'yes I'd love to go to the show.' Email or give him a call (800-621-1065).

19 September 2012:

Be sure to review the updated information on locations and boating events where you can see a Sage 17 on the SAGE 17 page (click below) under the 'Sailing a Sage 17' tab.

6 August 2012:

Sage 17 has been nominated as one of the best boats for 2013 by SAIL Magazine.

Details about the nomination and when the winner will be announced will be available in the September 2012 issue of SAIL.