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18 July 2012:

Sage 17s took first and second places at the 13th Cruiser Challenge Race on Monterey Bay, CA, 14 July '12. Sages were the first to round the windward mark and finished the race 8+ minutes before all other boats (small, medium and large classes). For details see the FORUM.

6 July 2012:

Sage 17s will be taking part in the 13th Cruiser Challenge on Monterey Bay, CA, weekend of 13 July '12. For details see the FORUM.

26 June 2012:Sage Marine Sign

During the weekend of August 10, 2012, at 'SCAMP-fest Colorado' on Lake Dillon, CO, AIR BORN will be available for demonstration sailing. For more information on 'SCAMP-fest Colorado visit the Sage Marine fourm -

Pictured to the right is the new Sage Marine street-side sign making it easier for everyone to find the shop.


14 June 2012:

SAIL MAGAZINE has published online the review of Sage 17 from their 2012 'NEW SAILBOAT REVIEW' -


14 May 2012:

There is a Sage 17 review by Kimball Livingston in in SAIL MAGAZINE's 2012 'New Sailboat Review'. The article is on page 12 and is now available at a newsstand near you!