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For more news and discussion of the SAGE 17 visit the Sage Marine forum:


31 May 2016:

Many pictures of the Sage 15 sloop being assembled are posted in the Sage Marine BLOG -

Pictures from week of 23-27 May:

From week of 9-13 May:

Week of 25-29 April:

25 May 2016:

The winning name for the prototype Sage 15 sloop is ... (drum roll) -


(Italian verb meaning 'to pass time in a delightful but meaningless way'.)

click this link to hear how asolare is pronounced –

CONGRATULATIONS to Craig M. for submitting the winning name during the 'Name the Sage 15 sloop contest'! In a couple of weeks Craig will be receiving his new Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Salt and Spyderco 6-inch utility kitchen knives.

18 May 2016:

Fun sighting from Google Maps satellite view! Three Sage 17s sailing on Flathead Lake, MT. For pictures and details see the Sage Marine BLOG -

16 May 2016:

Much work has been done on the prototype Sage 15 sloop. See the Sage 15 forum and Sage Marine BLOG for pictures and details.

prototype S15 deck

9 May 2016:

The first set of Sage 15 sloop sails have arrived at the shop -

Sage 15 sloop sails

Lots of activity on the S15 sloop, Sage trailers and Sage 17 assembly last week. See some pictures of what we did on the Sage Marine Facebook page.

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