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For more news and discussion of the SAGE 17 visit the Sage Marine forum:


22 May 2015:

Updates on the Sage 15 mold construction are in the Sage 15 sub-forum in the Sage Marine forum.


3 April 2015:

Strictly Sail Pacific 'boat show special' on all Sage 17s purchased April 6 - April 20, 2015: free electrical system featuring: 3 12-volt electrical ports, 6-position BlueSea distribution panel, bow and stern running lights, battery charger, cabin light and masthead 360-degree anchor light.

For details, deposit & payment options, delivery & specifics on applicable taxes and fees contact Dave Scobie by email, dave{at}sagmearine[dot}com, or call 800-621-1065.


17 March 2015:

Fire Extinguisher RECALL - important fire safety information

A well-known fire extinguisher manufacturer, Kidde, in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has announced a voluntary recall to replace certain Kidde fire extinguisher units. A faulty valve component can cause the disposable fire extinguishers not to fully discharge when the lever is repeatedly pressed and released during a fire emergency, posing a risk of injury. About 4.6 million extinguishers are affected that were sold nationwide between August 2013 and November 2014.

To see if you have an affected fire extinguisher and arrange for a replacement, go to -

According to the CPSC, Kidde has received 11 reports of fire extinguishers that failed to discharge, but no injuries have been reported. A February 12, 2015 safety notice from Kidde stated, "Due to our commitment to quality and safety, we have corrected the issue for production going forward, and are working with customers to obtain all recalled units currently in stock."

recalled fire extinguisherThirty-one models of the disposable fire extinguishers are affected. The extinguishers are red, white, or silver with black plastic valves and ABC or BC rated and manufactured in Mexico between July 23, 2013 and October 15, 2014 and sold at department, home, and hardware stores as well as some marine supply stores. Some of the affected extinguisher models were designed for the boating market and have a nameplate on the front with the names Mariner 10, Mariner 110, Mariner 5, and Mariner 5 G.

(above information provided by BoatUS -

6 March 2015:

Sage Marine will be at the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show the 9-12 April 2015 in Oakland (Jack London Square), CA.

Strictly Sail Pacific 2015


5 March 2015:

Sage Marine will be at the Annapolis Sailboat Show 8-12 October 2015.


3 February 2015:

Sage Marine will be at Pocket Yacht Palooza at Port Townsend, WA, 18 July 2015.


28 January 2015:

New pictures of the Sage 15 are posted in the FORUM.


Race to Alaska logo and link22 January 2015:

Sage Marine will be at the start of Race 2 Alaska at Port Townsend, WA, 2-5 June 2015.


21 January 2015:

Strictly Sail Pacific LogoSage Marine will be at the 9-12 April 2015 StrictlySail Pacific show in Oakland (Jack London Square), CA. Details about the show -


2015 Wrinkleboat Ran-Tan awardsGreat fun was had at the Wrinkleboat Ran-Tan on Lake Pleasant, AZ. Pictures and details are posted on the Wrinkleboat www-site -


Sage 15 house7 January 2015:

New pictures of the Sage 15 have been posted in the FORUM that show the house (aka, cabin roof) and the daggerboard.

In week AIR BORN, the demo Sage 17, leaves for Lake Pleasant, AZ, to take part in the Wrinkleboat Ran-Tan and Arizona Yacht Club Birthday Regatta & Leukemia Cup. I you would like to see or sail AIR BORN let Dave know by calling 800-621-1065, or emailing

The route Dave will take to and from the February Strictly Sail Miami, FL, show is not set. The 'general' route to the show will be east and southeast from Golden heading for Florida; then south by FL's east or west coast into Miami. Return will be north, by FL's east or west coast, and then west along the Gulf Coast. If you can't come to Miami to see a Sage 17 contact Dave, 800-621-1065 or email, to arrange a personalized stop during the 'February Florida Trip'.

There are Sage 17's in stock and available for delivery. For details on these boats give Dave a call, calling 800-621-1065, or email