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20 May 2014:

Spring has come to the Rocky Mountains! Over the past week warm temperatures at Sage Marine's 'home lake', Dillon, has melted the ice. The marina is opening for the Memorial Day weekend! Watch this space as arrangements are now being made to move AIR BORN up to the Dillon and made available for sailing demonstrations (excluding when she is a boat shows). If you would like to go for a sail please contact us to arrange a date!

Sage 15 hull mold15 May 2014:

Work moves steadily forward on the Sage 15. New pictures of the hull are in the FORUM in the Sage 15 sub-section.

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18 April 2014:

The price for a standard Sage 17 will be increasing on 1 June 2014 to $25,000. If you order a Sage 17 prior to 1 June '14 you can still take advantage of the $24,000 price; even if your Sage 17 is delivered after 1 June '14. For information about deposit and payment schedule contact by email or 800-621-1065.

The email problem has been resolved. Please let us know if you experience any problems by giving us a call at 800-621-1065.

28 March 2014:

Sage Marine is currently experiencing email problems. Details on the FORUM. If you have tried to send an email to Sage Marine and received an 'unable to deliver' message over the past couple of days don't give up! The issue should be resolved by 30 March. Until then please give us a call at 800-621-1065.

31 January 2014:

$1000 discount on all Sage 17's purchased during the Strictly Sail Miami Show 2014. See the FORUM for details; or contact ; or call 800-621-1065.

27 January 2014:

The 2014 Wrinkleboat Ran-Tan 'is in the books'. For details about the event, the racing results, and much more visit -

The 2015 Wrinkleboat Ran-Tan dates are 16, 17 and 18 2015.

13 January 2014:

Sage Marine will be a the Strictly Sail Miami show 13-17 February 2014. If you would like to visit the show, and see a Sage 17, contact Dave for information about a courtesy entrance ticket -

800-621-1065 or dave {at} sagemarine {dot} com