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29 April 2011:

Pictures of Sage 17 boat #1 posted in the forum.

25 April 2011:

Sage 17 boat #1 construction has started. The process is going well and Jerry Mongtomer, Richard Montgomer, and Gail & Sal Glesser are having a great time laying up the hull, deck, etc.

The first boat has a chevy white hull and deck with a dark blue cove stripe.

Pictures have been taken and will be shared in a few days on the Sage Marine GALLERY and FORUM.

5 April 2011:

The United States Coast Guard has assigned Sage Marine its Manufacturer Identification Code (MIC) -


The MIC is used in assigning a Hull Identification Number (HIN) to each boat Sage Marine builds. For example the first production Sage 17's HIN is -


(SAE 17001 D1 11 = MIC | style & hull number | month & year of manufacture | model year )

4 April 2011:

Summary of Sage 17 sailing at the 2011 Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention in Jerry Montgomery's SMALL TALK article on page 16 of the May/June 2011 (Issue 69) of Small Craft Advisor

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A new video on Sage 17 is now available for viewing on the HOME page, VIDEOS page, or on Sage Marine's Youtube Channel.

1 April 2011:

Sage Marine welcomes the newest member of the team - Richard Montgomery.