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4 January 2013:

Multiple locations to see a Sage 17 have been added to the 'Sailing a Sage 17' tab on the SAGE 17 page.

10 December 2012:

Sage 17 AIR BORN will be in the Los Angeles area (South Shore Launch Ramp at 590 Queensway Dr., Long Beach) Friday and Saturday December 14 and 15, 2012. Please contact Dave (click CONTACT tab below) for details on seeing the boat.

4 December 2012:

The price for a standard Sage 17 will be increasing on 1 January 2013 to $24,000. If you order a Sage 17 prior to 1 January '13 you can still take advantage of the 2012 $23,000 price; even if your Sage 17 isn't delivered until 2013. For information about deposit and payment schedule contact by email or 800-621-1065.

19 November 2012:

Sage 17 is a SAIL MAGAZINE 2013 Best Boat Winner!

We at Sage Marine are proud to announce that Sage 17 is the 2013 SAIL MAGAZINE Best Boat Winner for all Trailer Cruisers. To read SAIL's announcement click the link below -

1 November 2012:

GOOD OLD BOAT magazine has written an article on Sage Marine and Jerry Montgomery. See pages 18 - 21 of the Nov/Dec 2012 issue (#87).