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27 January 2012:


The required maintenance for the server that hosts the Sage Marine site will happen on Monday 30 Jan.


Sage Marine isn't going anywhere ... we will be back after an outage of about 24 hours so the world's www address servers have time to 're-find' the site.

(Yes, the above timeline was changed on 27 Jan., at 1PM.)

25 January 2012:

The Internet server that 'houses' the Sage Marine www-site and forum will be upgraded sometime in the next seven days. During the period the site and forum are transferred to a new, faster, and more secure location the 'Internet presence' of Sage Marine will be off-line. DON'T PANIC. The site and forum will 'come back' in a few hours.

20 January 2012:

The GALLERY pages have been updated with many more photos. New pictures include: sailing the San Juan and Gulf Islands; boat construction; and interior.

To see the changes you may need to press your www-browser's 'refresh' button.

18 January 2012:

The SAGE 17 web page now includes details on the trailer options available for your Sage 17.

17 January 2012:

Gary Oberbeck has announced that the Wrinkle Boat Inter-Galactic Championships & Ran-Tan will be January 11-13, 2013 at the Arizona Yacht Club Birthday Regatta on Lake Pleasant. Mark your calendar today! A perpetual trophy will be donated by Jerry Montgomery. All Wrinkle Boats Invited!

Reminder a 'winkle boat' is any Jerry Montgomery or Lyle Hess design ... you want to bring a Nor'Sea 27 or Montgomery 23 to Lake Pleasant YOU ARE INVITED! Short ones - long ones - in between ones - all Wrinkle Boats are hereby invited!

15 January 2012:

Sage 17's gained first and third places in two race series during the 2012 Arizona Yacht Club 'Wrinkle Boat Class' Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup.

Wrinkle Boat Ran-Tan 2012 Winners

Jerry Montgomery sailed Sage 17 GOSHAWK to first place in both the Leukemia Cup and the Birthday Regatta.

Dave Scobie sailed Sage 17 AIR BORN to third place in both the Leukemia Cup and the Birthday Regatta.

Pictured are, left to right: Jerry Montgomery (1st), Gary Oberbeck (2nd) and Dave Scobie (3rd).

For details and more pictures see the 'Events and Rendezvous' section of the FORUM -

Plans for the 2013 Regatta are already being made!

10 January 2012:

Sage 17 AIR BORN departs for Arizona to attend the 2012 Wrinkle Boat Ran-Tan Wednesday 11 January. Dave and AIR BORN will be at Lake Pleasant Friday 13 January through Sunday 15 January.

Also participating in the Ran-Tan is Jerry Montgomery on his Sage 17 GOSHAWK.

5 January 2012:

There is an exciting update about the new trailer design in the FORUM -