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January 1 - 15, 2011 -

13 January 2011:

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Elliott / Pattison Sailmakers has agreed to Sage Marine re-posting excerpts from their SAIL SENSE newsletter. Elliott / Pattison has been serving the sailing community since 1971 and provides a wide variety of cruising, performance and racing sails for pocket cruisers. Thanks E/P!

11 January 2011:

Small Craft Advisor has been kind enough to permit Sage Marine to host Jerry Montgomery's past SMALL TALK articles. In these writings Jerry has discussed the designing of SAGE 17, boat performance, and his thoughts on small boats. A big thanks to SCA! These articles will be posted in a few weeks.

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10 January 2011:

Jerry Montgomery, designer of the SAGE 17, and Sal Glesser, owner of Sage Marine, will present a boat design, construction, and Q&A session Tuesday evening, February 15. at the Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention (HPCC). Details will be posted in the seminar section of the HPCC www-site in a few days.

This will be the prototype's first time on water and an exciting opportunity for the HPCC participants to see the SAGE 17 in action.

3 January - 7 January 2011:

Jerry Montgomery is putting together the finishing touches on the standing rigging. There are orders at two sail makers who are now racing to be the first to power the SAGE 17 ... who will have their cloth cut and sewn before the Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention starting on 14 February?

Sal Glesser has confirmed the prototype cabin cushions will be ready in a few more weeks.