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Trailer Motor Mount

Keep the mess and smell of gasoline and oil out of your tow vehicle.

Mount is easy to install.

Designed to fit outboards smaller than 5HP and weighing less than 60 pounds.

Tired of smelling and cleaning up the mess of gasoline and oil in your tow vehicle after hauling your outboard motor? The Sage Marine Trailer Motor Mount allows you to mount your outboard securely on the boat trailer's mast and winch post. No more smells and mess from the outboard in the tow vehicle!

The standard motor mount is designed for smaller, less than 60 pounds and less than 5HP, two or four cycle outboards.

Pictured is a Honda 2HP 4-cycle long shaft motor on the motor mount.

Honda 2HP on mount

The motor mount is bolted to the trailer using two 1/2" u-bolts. Only one tool, and NO welding, required to install!

mounting motor mount

The mount is primed and then painted. Galvanizing is available at an additional cost.

The following motors are currently being transported on the standard mount -

If your motor isn't listed please contact to receive a sizing chart. Custom motor mounts can be made to order.

Made in the USA!