Sail Logo and Lapstrake Hull

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Sage 17 Mold Construction

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Below are pictures of the Sage 17 molds being constructed. Click on image for a larger view.

Line Drawing:

Sage 17 hull and deck line drawing

Hull mold framing:

sage 17 mold building bulkhead placement sage 17 mold building bow view stringers Sage 18 mold building stringers port side view Sage 17 mold building lapstrake planking

Hull plug being removed from mold:

sage 17 hull coming out of plug Sage 17 prototype is removed from the mold Sage 17 prototype hull is inspected after being removed from mold

Hull Mold:

Hull mold looking forward Hull mold looking aft

Deck and cockpit mold:

Sage 17 Cabin and Deck plug Sage 17 foredeck plug Sage 17 Cabintop plug

Sage 17 Cockpit plug Deck and cockpit mold Sage 17 cockpit mold

Photos bySal Glesser, Jerry Montgomery and Wendy Shaul.