Rudder tiller question.

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Rudder tiller question.

#1 Post by noel » Sun Jul 28, 2019 1:16 pm

Is it possible to over torque the bolts holding the rudder-tiller assembly together? Last season had to play around with the rudder blade pivot bolt. The rudder would drop down by itself when pulling Vela out of the water. Hindsight, maybe should have shorten the bungee chord. It’s a bit on the stiff side right now. Recently a creak has developed when the rudder blade gets loaded up by water force. Checked the gudgeons. They are fine. Checked all the bolts on the rudder-tiller assembly. They feel firmly fixed. The maybe next step will be to add a bit more tightening to those nuts and bolts.

Vela broke 1000nm logged under sail a couple weeks ago. Some L. Superior days can be hard on boat and body. Not sure if this creak is just a sound to live with. Like a rattle that pops up with the miles in a vehicle. Or something to be concern about.