Questions for Jerry Montgomery

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Questions for Jerry Montgomery

Postby TazKristi » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:46 am

Hi, everyone:
We thought to start a thread dedicated to questions that you might have for Jerry Montgomery. Jerry has a wealth of information to share but please know that he can't answer questions regarding pricing or delivery for Sage Marine. Please feel free to post your questions for Jerry in this thread.

I'd like to thank Jerry for being willing to share his knowledge!


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Re: Questions for Jerry Montgomery

Postby noel » Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:57 am

Couple days ago setting up Vela a seasonal local live aboard sailor came by to admire your creation. He and his wife live up here during the summer and sail down to the Carib for the cold months. Decades of sailing experience. Asked me what I least like about the Sage 15? Not a dislike, but a concern if any of the components to retract the daggerboard failed. He then told me how he dealt with a failed cable on a drop keel while in the water miles from a marina. Last non-fixed keel boat he ever purchased. He asked if the Sage was available as a fixed keel version. Conversation then drifted to twin keels (true twin fins, not bilge keel boats).

The questions:
Have you ever considered a twin keel for any of your designs? Feelings about twin keels in general and specifically on smaller pocket cruisers?

Vela should have been named Magnet. +90 minutes later I’m launching Vela. Ditto later that evening breaking down Vela to tow home. Different live aboard sailor stopped by to admire the boat.

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Re: Questions for Jerry Montgomery

Postby Jerry » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:47 am

Hi Noel- I'm assuming that by twin keels, not bilge keels, that you mean fore-and-aft keels.

No, I've never really thought about using the principle. If the keels were fixed, the only advantage would be lowering the draft and a bit more directional stability, but the advantage of more directional stability is arguable. A lot of good sailing boats have high aspect fin keels and do very well. I've sailed Santa Cruz 27's, Olsen and Sonoma 30's, etc, and have never thought of them as squirrely. Relating this to the Sage 15, in order to have similar windward ability (outstanding in the Sage) the keels would have to have considerably more draft, which would eliminate the ability to keep the boat in the garage. I don't claim to know what I'm talking about when it comes to marketing, but I'm quite sure that this feature is important to many, including me.

If the keels were retractable, they would have the advantage of adjusting the helm, but this marginable advantage would be more than offset by the fact that there would need to be a trunk well forward in the boat. The one in the cockpit would be annoying also. The aft board, when up, would definately intrude into the cockpit.

In terms of reliability, including strength, in the present setup, there's not much that could go wrong (famous words- I know). The pennant line is about a 1000% overkill in terms of strength, and it's set up so there is no point of wear or abrasion, and it's simple to inspect. In the event of the boat hitting something at speed, the drop keel is at least as strong as a fixed keel; the trunk is REALLY glued in. The board would break before the trunk, which is what is needed.

Good question, but I'm not buying into the twin keels! Just curious- is your 15 a cat or a sloop?


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