Lapper jib

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Lapper jib

Postby noel » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:03 am

Questions; “Lapper” jib for the S15?
1. Given the fixed jib “car”, is a Lapper even an option?
2. If possible what size up from the working jib would be an option?
3. Would a jib larger than the stock working jib make much of a difference in light (sub 11 knot) conditions?

Couple days ago (single-handed day#13) conditions were real light (5-7 knots breeze). Plenty of time heading more or less downwind home to think about wanting more oomph when running on a real broad reach. Wondering if a larger head sail would make any real difference?

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Re: Lapper jib

Postby Stephen » Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:15 am

There are some differences in sailing a 15 and a 17, but you'd enjoy being out on the water with a bigger headsail. We have a Sage 17 that we sail under most conditions (light to moderate winds) with a 150% genoa. It makes a big difference, and the boat becomes a much more lively performer on all points of sail. I can't think of any real complications or extra rigging, except you rig your jib sheets outboard of the mast shrouds of course. In high or gusty winds, I tend to stick with the working jib, especially when sailing single handed. You just have a lot more boat to sail with the genoa.

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Re: Lapper jib

Postby sal » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:25 pm

Hi Stephen,

I will generally prefer the lapper on our S17 because the lapper sheets inside of the shrouds and I find I can point much higher. In really light winds off the wind. The genoa is preferred.

Hi Noel,

We haven't built many S15 Sloops so our experience is limited. Dave raced the S15 in several races with good performance. We plan to build another S15 sloop later this year because Gail and I want to spend some time on one. The S15 is very expensive as it is for a micro cruiser. Things like fixed "cars" for the jib were done on the interest of saving costs. We're planning a couple of changes on future models though they may raise the costs? I'd like to put an adjustable track inside the shrouds on the future S15 sloops. I'd like to change the reefing system. After spending some time with the boat, I'm sure we'll find other "improvements" to make.

Jerry is also planning on spending more time on this forum.


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