The Delta Dinghy Ditch Race!

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The Delta Dinghy Ditch Race!

Postby Jerry » Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:51 pm

Saturday, Geoff Prindle and I sailed my Sage in the above race, which is 30 mi long, starting at Rio Vista, which is on the
Sacramento River about 30 mi as the crow flies downriver from my beloved Sacatomatoes. It's on the 'Ditch", which is the deepwater ship channel that goes from the Sac River to the Port of Sacramento, where most of the produce from the Sacramento Valley is shipped from. The course goes thru ag land, almost as straight as an arrow.

This race was originally a dinghy race, popular because of (usually) strong winds off the stern. I saw on the Potter forum that some Potters were doing it, so I entered my Sage. Planing dinghies are hard to keep up with in a 20 knot wind with a displacement hull, and the faster ones ate us for lunch. First the Lasers and Banshees came zipping by (they started after us), then the Thistles, then a Flying Dutchman who started last. A unique thing about this race is that there is no mass start- too many boats for the water, about 50- and boats start on the clock, slowest boats first. The first boat across the line wins.

Our competition, for the most part, was top rate. We were well over hull speed most of the time and had our hands full with the spinnaker. I'm 74 and Geoff just turned 70 (young punk) and our lack of spinnaker work in the last 20 years showed, but we had a GREAT time, and definately plan to go next year. Ya"ll come too!
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Postby Sea Sprite » Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:01 pm

Sounds great!!! I've been eyeballing this event, lets turn out in numbers next year!!! :D

Sea Sprite is ready with a big chute and a big cooler!

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