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Sage 17 sailing down wind


Integrity is being good when no one is watching.

From the start of development Jerry Montgomery and the Glessers have actively asked for input on the boat that is now the Sage 17. Daysailers, overnighters, and extended cruisers have offered suggestions and provided feedback on the boat's length, rig, cockpit size, hull shape, cabin dimensions and location for the head. The synthesis of face-to-face discussions, phone calls, emails and Internet forums have guided Jerry in designing a classically styled boat with modern refinements.

The involvement of the boating community is central to Sage Marine's business model. Continual evaluation of the boat through pre-production, production and post-production and instituting product improvement is Sage Marine commitment to providing an exceptional sailboat for the pocket cruiser community. Sage 17 buyers are part of the boat's production process beyond choosing the hull color, sails, cabin cushions, and name. In addition to building and delivering the boat that the owner wants, Sage Marine is committed to receiving feedback and suggestions to build boats that improve on the experiences and recommendations of Sage 17 owners.

The Sage Marine team will listen to owners as he/she selects options for Sage 17 to enhance the boat's safety, performance and ultimately his/her enjoyment. The Golden, Colorado, U.S.A, factory is designed to build high quality semi-custom boats. Sage Marine values a building schedule that will not reduce quality to increase production.

Manufacturing started April 2011 and boats are currently available.

Jerry Montgomery at the helm of Sage 17

Jerry Montgomery is well known in the trailer sailor community from his pocket cruiser and dingy designs of the 1970s and 1980s. While operating Montgomery Marine Products 1000s of boats were produced and are regarded as some of the best pocket cruisers available. His designs are recognized for being seaworthy, having excellent performance and classic looks. Jerry remains an active member of the pocket cruiser community though his willingness to educate sailors of all skill levels on how improve their sailing abilities and boat's performance. After fifteen years away from the pocket cruiser building business Jerry agreed to develop a the Sage 17 for a new company, Sage Marine.

Sal and Gail Glesser sailing Sage 17

Gail and Sal Glesser are life-long sailors with experience in small and large boats. For thirty years Gail and Sal have operated Spyderco, a knife and knife sharpener company. The Glessers willingness to experiment with and market new and innovative designs make Spyderco a world leader in manufacturing innovative and customer focused products. Bringing their experience to the boating industry Gail and Sal intend to market a modern pocket cruiser coming from a classic design heritage. Sage Marine will focus on involving the community and customer in Sage 17's design and manufacture.